Let's Upgrade!What, where, how?

With hundreds of upgrade and accessory options now available for your kitchen cabinets, it’s a good idea to educate yourself a bit before making any selections/purchases. You don’t want to miss out on those few upgrades that will make your kitchen as efficient and functional as possible because you didn’t know they were available. On this page we’ll discuss a few of these options.

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Dovetailed Drawer Box

A very popular upgrade is now commonly a standard offering in most cabinet lines, mid-level and above. Whether it comes standard with your cabinet package or you are required to pay a small amount per drawer for this upgrade, it’s worth it. Just about every dovetailed drawer box is constructed of a solid hard-wood of some sort with a thickness of at least 5/8” and above. The dovetailed joint itself (shown above) is superior to any of the stapled and/or glued joints of a laminate or pressed board constructed “standard” drawer offering.

Full Extension – Slow Close Drawer Guide Systems

A great compliment to the dovetailed drawer and your kitchen is one of the several upgraded drawer guide systems. The Full Extension systems give you more weight capacity in the drawer and allow you to pull the drawer out completely, 100%. Another excellent drawer guide upgrade is known as Slow-Close (Blumotion.) These systems will not allow you, or your kids, to slam the drawer shut risking damage. This is a very cool feature. Find a showroom in your neighborhood or Contact us if your close, to visit one of our showrooms and see it in person.

Rollout Shelves (Trays)

A good upgrade or accessory is one that helps make your kitchen as functional as possible. Adding rollout shelves to your base cabinets does just this. Forget kneeling down searching through items to get to the back of the cabinet. Rollout Shelves bring every item in the cabinet out to you and forces you to keep things neat and organized.

Other Base and Drawer Accessories

Pullout cutting boards, cutlery dividers and tilt out trays for your sink base cabinet are just a couple of the other drawer area accessories that commonly find their way into a new kitchen. While many of these items can be purchased after-market, or from another source once your kitchen job is complete, buying it with your original kitchen package ensures everything will fit properly and will be covered under the same warranty, together.

Pull-Out Trash Cans / Recycling Centers

If you have a base cabinet to spare, get your garbage can(s) off the floor and out of sight. With the exception of the drawer, it does require all of the storage space within the cabinet but this solution answers the question raised in every kitchen; where do I put my garbage can? The varieties of these include simple single and double pullouts (shown above) up to full 4-6 can recycling centers.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan has been around a while and still remains one of the most requested items in every kitchen. The varieties and variations of this accessory available today make designing in corners a breeze. See the Cabinet Corner Solutions page for more information.

Small (Slim) Base Cabinet Accessories

Tray Dividers or Pull-Out Spice Cabinets are great additions to a very narrow base cabinet area. In the past 3-6” of base space was simply made up of filler material allowing now access to that space. These small areas can now include space for storage for things like cookie sheets and spices. These accessories can also come in larger widths if this type of storage is important to you.

Again, these are just a small number of the upgrades and accessories available to you. Some others include: Door-Mounted Spice Racks, Pop-Up Mixer Shelves, Pantry Shelf Kits, Decorative Glass Doors, Bread Boxes, Deep Drawer Pegged Dish Organizers, Ability to Increase/Decrease Depths of Cabinetry and many other structural upgrades/modifications allowing design flexibility and your kitchen the beautiful custom look you desire.

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