Cleveland/Akron, OH area Builders and Remodelers

Let us do all the work! Earn extra profit.

Design Services

Finally, a service specifically designed for YOU, the Remodeling and Building professional.

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to close any and all of your kitchen, bath, den, home office, bar etc… jobs. During your presentation to your client you will be able to show them beautiful 3D renderings of what the finished project will look like. These renderings will set you apart from any other company competing for this client’s business. Your company will receive detailed floor plans and elevations as well to ensure you and your installers have a complete understanding of this cabinet project from start to finish.

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AJ Design Company has provided Greater Cleveland/Akron area Builders and Remodelers with competitively priced, high quality cabinetry and other products for almost two decades. We take care of everything! We design programs, specifically tailored to your company that allows you to simply forget about this part of the project. The design, selections, client revisions, product delivery etc… becomes our responsibility, not yours. Our unique Builder/Remodeler programs also earn you extra profit just for being our partner.

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