Cabinet Corner Solutions

Turning a corner in your kitchen is always a topic of concern and sometimes becomes a difficult task depending on the space available. Below we have provided a few of the more popular cabinet corner solutions along with the recommended space needed.

The Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Insert

Base Lazy Susan Cabinet

Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet w/ Lazy Susan

Still, without a doubt, the most popular corner cabinet accessory and solution available today. Turning a corner below (base cabinets) normally requires 36” x 36” of length coming out from each side of the corner. If a 36” x 36” space is available, your Lazy Susan options can range from the pie-cut (shown above) to full size spinning shelves within a 45 degree angled cabinet. Plastic, metal and solid wood are a few of the materials these Susans are constructed in. Most cabinet lines also have begun offering a Lazy Susan cabinet that squeezes into a 33” x 33” space. These are great for kitchens that cannot sacrifice a great amount of space for the sake of a corner accessory.

Don’t have the space below? Lazy Susan accessories can be worked into many other types of cabinets including standard base and wall cabinets and Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinets (shown above.)

Blind Corner Cabinets

Blind Corner Cabinet

Swing-Out Shelf Accessory

Blind Corner Cabinets, you know the ones…you open the door and have to reach all the way to the back to retrieve items in this cabinet. At one point, this was just about the only cabinet option used to turn corners in the kitchen. Yes, it does capture corner storage, but its accessibility, as anyone who’s had to get down on the floor and dig through everything to get to the back of these cabinets knows is mediocre at best. New accessories such as swing out shelves (above) and sliding trays have made these cabinets much more accessible and tolerable when a Blind Corner Cabinet is your kitchen’s only option.